Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipolysis is an innovative, gentle non surgical procedure to remove the accumulation of fat deposits in specific regions of the body. It is one of the safest methods for removing localised fat in, and around the waist, inner thigh, abdomen, under the upper arms, knees, and ankles. This method removes unwanted fatty deposits that can change the shape of our bodies.

It is an entirely non–invasive treatment; one can resume the daily activities immediately without any rest. 80% patients experience an immediate reduction in fat. 18% take 7-10 days to see the effect whereas 2% of the patients need Mesotherapy to destroy brown fat cells.

The method helps to improve the effects of dieting and exercise. People who are committed to a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet should experience long-term improvement.

You will lose inches and look slimmer. Moreover, this procedure helps to tighten the loose skin with the radio frequency treatment done following the Ultrasonic Lipolysis.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis results :

A typical Ultrasound Lipolysis session takes around one hour. The treatments are done weekly once and need to be repeated for at least 6-8 sessions, although patients who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and regular water replenishment should experience permanent results between one or three treatments depending on the patient’s response to treatment.

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How does lipolysis treatment work?

This type of lipolysis  technique uses ultrasound  to reduce fat. A transducer (a device that converts one form of energy to another) is applied directly to the skin of the treatment area and do not employ injections (as in injection lipolysis) or incisions (as in laser assisted liposuction).

A transducer kept on the skin emits high-intensity Ultrasonic waves in a conical manner. Two beams of ultrasound energy warm and treat fatty tissue beneath the skin. It promotes fat cell mobility and encourages the body to metabolize   , drain or reabsorb excess fluids.

These are focused 1.5 cm below the skin causing rupture of the fat cells. The transducer is then advanced further to destroy the new layer of fat cells.

Is ultrasonic lipolysis safe? Any side effects?

Ultrasonic Lipolysis is completely safe and non-surgical, permanent, instant fat reduction method without diet, exercise, injections, medicine, heat, cuts, redness, surgery, and anesthesia. Only fat cells are targeted without affecting other organs and therefore no side effects have been observed for this treatment.

As explained earlier, it is a non-invasive procedure, and hence, patients can return to work quickly after the treatment although hot showers best are avoided for eight hours after the session.

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