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We, at Expert Aesthetics, recognize everyone’s aspiration to be naturally beautiful! Thus, as a leading clinic in Mumbai, backed with a team of experienced dermatologists, we perform a wide range of treatments to help people regain and maintain their youthfulness.

Treatment in Mumbai

We offer therapeutic approach to beauty treatments which are mentioned below-

Skin Treatments- No matter what, if you are dealing with dark circles, acne, acne scars, or pigmentation, and are looking for the best skin doctor, Expert Aesthetics have the experience and know-how to resolve these problems flawlessly! We are adept at performing nonsurgical radio frequency for removal of acne scars & stretch marks, peel & laser treatment for skin whitening and pigmentation.

Pre-Bridal Treatment- We offer a comprehensive range of treatments as a part of this treatment package. Our areas of forte include laser hair removal, oxygen infusion treatment, hydra facial, carbon facial, laser toning, party peels, whitening facials, and masks.

Anti-Aging Treatments- Expert Aesthetics is a leading name among clinics which offer anti-aging treatments in Mumbai. Our areas of specialization include PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation, microneedle facial, laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peel, botox, fillers etc.

Micro Needle Treatment- Also called Collagen Induction Therapy, micro needling is used to enhance skin texture and tone and minimize wrinkles and scars. During the treatment process, our skin specialist create tiny channels in the skin. The process helps in stimulating the natural ability of skin to heal, producing collagen.

Laser Hair Removal- If you are looking for a clinic in Mumbai which offers quick, permanent and hassle-free laser hair treatment, then your hunt ends at Expert Aesthetics. During the treatment, we use a laser to shoot concentrated laser beams on your hair follicle to destroy it and check future possibilities of growth.

Hair Loss Treatments- At Expert Aesthetics, we examine the medical history of a person in detail and conduct blood tests to assess the exact cause of hair loss. We specialize in hair loss treatments like mesotherapy, PRP, low-level laser therapy, or specific nutrients & hair growth.

Weight Loss Treatments- Looking for an expert in Mumbai to consult for weight loss treatment? At Expert Aesthetics, we offer various loss treatments such as deep heat therapy, ultrasonic lipolysis, lipo laser, etc. To make sure that patients are satisfied with the quality of treatments that we offer, we opt a therapeutic approach to our treatment process.

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