I really admire and appreciate the high quality services you provide, and the knowledge and passion you share through your work. I opted for skin rejuvenation treatment along with a couple of other therapy which dr dipanjali advised me. After 6 sessions of skin rejuvenation treatment with collagen inducing therapy using a Derma pen. My skin felt too much younger. It is smooth and radiant and feels 10 years younger. expert aesthetics is truly the home for beautiful skin. very thankful to dr dipanjali .have already started with my slimming sessions now .feel the difference, can't wait to see transformation .
I went for laser hair removal. I cud see permanent results in 5 sessions. painless and hassle free .
The oxygen lift medi facial is amazing ... must try, also the insta glow peels, after switching to medi facials and the skincare regime that doctor singh prescribed me, my skin is always radiant and glowing
Very happy with the skin pigmentation treatment. My skin was dull and uneven spots were there. My skin is bright and glowing now also even and smooth after the medical peels doctor did on my face. love my skin now .tx
I went to dr dipanjali for acne treatment . I also had acne marks and scars that were quite intense , she first treated my acne and once they were gone my marks and scars. It took 3 months for my acne to banish completely and another six months for the marks and scars to be permanently gone. but at the end the results were fantastic. I sincerely thank dr dipanjali for her complete support during this treatment period .
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