1 : Biotin ( Vitamin B7): It is known as vitamin H (Haar and Haut), the German names for “hair and skin.” It is also called as hair food. Biotin is utilised during hair follicular growth.

2 : Vitamin C: Improves circulation on scalp, helps iron absorption and thus hair growth.

3 : Vitamin A: Control synthesis of retinoid acid in hair follicle and Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection.

4 : Vitamin D: It activates the hair growth genes. Its deficiency can cause diffuse hair fall making the life span of hair follicles very short.

5 : Iron: Hair follicles need ferritin for growth. If iron levels in the blood are low the ferritin from the hair follicles is taken up into serum and severe hair fall called “Telogen Eflluvium” can result in shedding of hundreds of hair.
Hemoglobin levels less than 12g can cause ill effects on hair

6 : Calcium: The hair follicle uses calcium to form the hair protein.

7 : Zinc: It concentrates in hair follicles and inhibits the 5-alpha reductase. Zinc supplementation and reduce the hair fall dramatically.

8 : Arginine: Is a potent blood vessels dilator and can increase blood flow to hair thus oxygen and nutrients. It also stimulates growth hormone.

9 : Essential fatty acids like Omega 3-fatty acids help blood circulation and hair growth. They increase the nutrition absorption by hair.

10 : Anti oxidants like Superoxide Dismutase protect the hair from oxidative stress.

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